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BTC #7: Glenburgie 1995-2016, 21yo, 54.1% – Archives

So far, I’ve not guessed one distillery correct, and only got points for age and region. On one day I got points for the ABV because it wasn’t a cask strength bottling and we were informed the lowest ABV in … Continue reading

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BTC #6: Springbank 14, 2002-2017, 55.8%

Let’s dive right in, right? Sniff: On the first whiff I get dry barley and tree bark. A very light and crisp mezcal scent with lemonbalm, some diesel but not really smoky. It gets a bit more warming (less crisp). … Continue reading

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BTC #4 and #5: Ballechin and Glenfiddich

Yesterday I didn’t get around to a write up of the Blind Tasting Competition’s fourth sample, so today you’re in for a double whammy. As always with this kind of thing, there’s not much to talk about since we’re going … Continue reading

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BTC #3: Benromach 2008-2017, 9yo, 59.5% – OB for Whiskysite.nl

After a very acceptable score yesterday, to my standards at least, we went in for a non-Highland whisky. Not much of an introduction, since we go in blind… Sniff: I got quite a lot of peat on the nose, but … Continue reading

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BTC #2: Wolfburn 128, 3yo, 46%

The second day of the Blind Tasting Competition brought us another mystery dram. In more ways than just us not knowing what’s in the wee bottles. Yesterday I did score some points which is something I couldn’t say for most … Continue reading

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BTC #1: Benrinnes 1997-2016, 50% – Whiskybroker

So, another December, another Blind Tasting Competition. Based on previous editions, I’m going in without hope of a decent finish. I know I suck at this kind of thing, this blind tasting of whisky. It’s not how I drink whisky, … Continue reading

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BTC Sample 18: Tobermory 20, 1995-2015, 54.7%, Rest & Be Thankful

This Rest & Be Thankful brand is a bit of a strange one. When they started bottling two¬†years ago they got things riled up with some hugely overpriced Octomores. If I remember correctly those were twice as expensive as the … Continue reading

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BTC Sample 17: Glenrothes 1990-2015, 24yo, 55.7%, Cadenhead’s

Yesterday I was convinced this was a young-ish, high octane belter from the SMWS. It turns out to be a not-insanely-high-strength Glenrothes with some decent age to it. Maybe I should just get out of this hobby all together… Anyway, … Continue reading

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BTC Sample 16: Bunnahabhain 1991-2014, 46%, Wemyss ‘A Thread of Smoke’

Yesterday’s Whatsapp discussion with SA, on the forum as ‘SigaarJood’ (he can state things like that without it being discriminatory because he’s part of a minority): Me: You’re getting a light smoke too? I’m sure as hell liking it, but … Continue reading

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BTC sample 15: Arran 1996-2015, 18yo, 50.5%, Single Malts of Scotland

Yesterday I went to bed convinced I’d be scoring some decent points. I was certain I tasted a gently sherried Speysider, like Glenfarclas, with a nice bitter finish. The bitterness was quite pronounced, I even got a message stating it … Continue reading

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