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Ardbeg Corryvreckan, 57.1%, Committee Release 2008

As I’ve said before, I haven’t been drinking much heavily peated whisky for a while now. I loved the Port Charlotte from last week and some other samples, but my own bottles have been untouched for a year or more … Continue reading

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Ardbeg 21yo, Pedro Ximénez Finish, 40.1% – Darkness!

Of course, since this is an Ardbeg, I should start by stating the obvious: It has already sold out. I’m surprised it lasted a couple of minutes with the remarkable popularity that Ardbeg has. Unfortunately, I expect a lot of these … Continue reading

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Ardbeg 18, 1991-2009, Whisky Live Spa, 55.6% – La Maison du Whisky

I bought a sample of this some years ago and put it in my stash upstairs. Then I forgot about it for three years. Since I’m going through that again to get rid of the endless number of mini bottles … Continue reading

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Ardbeg Ardbog, whatever. 52.1%

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be called The Ardbeg Ardbog, or just Ardbog. At least it’s this year’s Ardbeg Day bottling. They’ve picked up the Ardbeg Day idea a few years ago when they started to open … Continue reading

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Manning up

I’ve been blogging about money quite a few times, if I remember correctly. What I didn’t tell so far is that I’ve been overspending in a rather ridiculous way the last year. It’s not that I cannot pay my bills … Continue reading

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Ardbeg Blasda, 40%

Ardbeg Blasda to me looked like a reincarnation of the rather magnificent Kildalton, albeit younger and not at cask strength. I only had a wee taste of Kildalton from the Ardbeg Peat Pack a few years ago, which also included … Continue reading

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Redistilled whisky

A while ago I blogged about a comparison between Lagavulin 16, and the same whisky when you distill it again. Take away all the colour and a lot of the goodness the wood added to the whisky, but I think … Continue reading

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BTC sample 14 – Ardbeg 11, 55.4%

Some part of guessing this one right was easy as it could be. Others, not so much. Sniff: A big smack of peat. South Islay style. And I don’t mean Laphroaig either. Salty, briny, sea weed. Heavy actually, as in, … Continue reading

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Maltstock – Something Special with Master of Malt

Ben Ellefsen, aka the guy who runs Master of Malt, aka Professor Cornelius Ampleforth came over with Cat Spencer (also from Master of Malt) and Joel Harrison (from to host this tasting of supposedly eight whiskies. Unfortunately, something went … Continue reading

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